Japha Earth


Here at Japha, we've undertaken a variety of initiatives to show we care - about our customers, our staff, the local community and the whole planet. Collectively we call these initiatives Japha Earth, a project dedicated to identifying and following through on opportunities to make our planet a better place. Many people tend to forget that as a society our two greatest resources are - (i) other people (both locally and throughout our global village), and (ii) our environment.

There's a variety of actions we can all take to make sure we're doing our part to look after these precious resources. Some that we've gone with at Japha so far are:


How you can make a difference

Everyone needs a computer these days, there's no doubt about that. A lot of the world's computers work long hours, and we can reduce the environmental impact (and save money) by cutting down on our power usage. There are a variety of iniatives you can take with regards to reducing your IT's environmental impact:

And of course there are plenty of other ways you can make a difference apart from reducing your IT carbon footprint... but we'll leave those up to you.