Our IT support services


Computers are great when they're working properly. The problem is, sometimes they're not. And we understand that can be really frustrating.

Our technicians have solved hundreds of computer problems for our customers. Sometimes the problem is only something minor, and we can talk you through the solution over the phone. Other times we might need to send you instructions via email, connect to your computer remotely or even send a technician over to take a look.

Whatever needs to be done, we can do it - quickly and reliably. And we're happy to explain what we're doing at each step of the process - if you want us to - so you can learn some of the basics when it comes to troubleshooting computers too. That way you'll know what to do if the same problem ever happens again down the track, saving you both time and money.

So don't waste time wondering what to do - the downtime just means you can't do all the stuff you rely on your computer for. And if you're using your computer for business, that downtime also means lost productivity - which is surely costing you money. If Windows won't boot, Office is doing strange things, websites won't load or everything's just running way too slow, you should contact us and get us to sort it out straight away. There's a whole range of IT issues we can fix for you.


Virus and spyware removal

If your computer is behaving differently all of a sudden, and you can't think of anything that you've specifically changed recently (e.g. installing new hardware or software, or changing configuration settings), then it's possible that your computer may be infected with a virus. Maybe your anti-virus software isn't up to date, maybe it's not doing it's job properly, or (worst of all) maybe there's no anti-virus software installed on your computer at all.

We'll run a range of scans to detect any "nasties" - viruses, trojans, spyware, malware and adware - and make sure these are removed from your computer, recovering your files wherever possible. We'll also install a great anti-virus package, set it to update itself automatically, and show you how to periodically scan for other security threats.


Remote support

If you're having serious computer problems but you can still connect to the internet, we can connect to your computer remotely and sort out the problem on the spot.

To download a copy of our remote support program, click here.