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Japha also offers a variety of other services, including:

If you need help with anything IT, please let us know. As our customers already know, if it involves a computer, we can probably help!


Corporate IT strategy

If you're in business and you're here to stay, you already know that your IT infrastructure is critical to your capacity to deliver. You may think it's all under control because your systems are all running fine, but that's really just the first step. Corporate IT strategy looks beyond the current system, to ask the important questions of your organisation's IT:

We can help you define your strategy, make it known throughout your organisation, and take the steps to get you there.


Green IT

Green IT is all about understanding that IT, like so many other technologies we use, does have adverse effects on the environment. It's about acknowledging the collective social responsibility of carbon footprint containment, and seeking to minimise those adverse effects - hence minimising the environmental impact of your organisation's IT.

Of course green IT is great for the environment, but that's not the full story - it can also affect your profitability, in a big way. Green IT solutions are having a dramatic impact on organisations' cost and operational efficiency. The significantly lower power bills and improved reliability yielded by green IT has seen it rapidly climb the list of priorities for IT managers in large organisations.

We can assist you with:

Because it's up to all of us to make a difference.


IT technical advisory service

If you're writing a book, a play or maybe a movie, there's a good chance that a computer has snuck into your storyline along the way. Or maybe computers play a more important role in the story. Either way, you'll be wanting to make sure that the computer behaves realistically, that the way you write about it or portray it on screen doesn't affect the believability of the story.

That's where we come in. You might need to ask us stuff like "Do you think that in five years computers will be able to _________" or "Would someone be able to get a computer to _________, and if so, how?" Our diverse knowledge of computers means you get the correct answer every time, quickly and in plain English.

We realise that you may not be an expert in computers. Kind of the same as how we're not authors or screenwriters.


IT research

Our team has experience in a range of IT research activities. Whether you're wanting to know about which products would best suit you or your organisation, which is the superior of two competing technologies, or where a particular branch of the IT industry is headed, we can help. The types of research we can perform can be broadly categorised as the following:

All you need to do is ask the questions. We'll give you the answers.


Secure deletion

Before selling or disposing of any old computers, you should ensure that all personal and business data has been removed from the system. This means more than just emptying the Recycle Bin; deleted files can easily be recoved by those who know what they're doing. (See our data recovery page for more details about this.)

Japha offers a secure deletion service to securely delete all files from the hard drive and other data storage media. Two standards are available:


Website hosting

We understand when you tell us that you just want a website. You don't want to hear about DNS entries, guaranteed uptime or data transfer limits. Why not leave the website hosting to us? We'll take care of everything, and only get in touch with you if there's a problem or something that needs your input. Once again, a single point of contact for everything IT.


User training

Our team's familiarity with a range of software applications means we can show you or your team how to use common programs more effectively. We can also show you around Windows, the web and quite a few other things on your computer.

Though we're not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we can assist with finding an accredited training provider for longer and/or specialised courses. Let us know what you're after, and we'll tell you who we recommend.