Our web design services

Here at Japha, we love building websites! Whether you're looking for a simple low-cost website, a web-based information system, a full online store or anything in between, we can deliver an online solution that suits your needs perfectly. We'll build the site, get it hosted on a web server, and even help with your online marketing strategy.

If you have an existing site that needs updating, we've got a variety of techniques we can use to revamp it to make it more appealing. Depending on your needs, we can either modify the existing site or build an entirely new site (retaining whichever elements you choose, of course). If you have a preference for specific technologies, we're happy to work with whatever you'd prefer, but we do recommend Microsoft®'s ASP.NET technology for its performance, security and speed of development.

Click on any of the screenshot images below to see the remarkable difference we've made to some of our customers' websites. And after you've seen what we can do, the logical next step is to get in touch with us so we can work our "magic" on your site too!

Before After
Aroma Garden (before update) Aroma Garden (after update)
Australian Literacy Clinic (before update) Australian Literacy Clinic (after update)
Deswik Mining Consultants (before update) Deswik Mining Consultants (after update)
Medical Connect Australia (before update) Medical Connect Australia (after update)
Hayman Homes (before update) Hayman Homes (after update)


Why is a good website important?

Your website is your online "face" to potential customers - who may start their search online, or at least follow up their research by looking at various business' websites. The internet has put vast volumes of information at everyone's fingertips, so it's only natural that consumers and businesses are using it when making buying decisions.

It's possible to buy and sell almost anything online these days, so an online store is definitely something to consider. But not just any online store - it has to give consumers enough information and confidence to click the Buy Now button.

Competition is tough in the online world - getting customers to your site (and keeping them coming back) is more important than ever. Put simply, if your competitors' sites are more appealing than yours, it will be their stock that sells (or their phone that rings) rather than yours.


Web applications - more than just a website

If you're in business, you probably already know the value of moving your older information systems to a web-based solution. The benefits include:

We can move your existing information system across to a web-based application ("web app") quickly and easily. And (as with all the systems we build) we'll give you all the extras to ensure you get the most out of the new system.


Get the right people for the job...

Our qualified team of web designers, graphic designers and programmers can deliver a website that ensures you get exactly what you want - a better online presence, happier customers, and increased profits. Some of our team have been building websites for over 10 years.

You can see some of our satisfied customers (and links to their websites) by clicking here.