FileDragon - what it does

FileDragon makes it easy to perform common file operations on a large number of files. Simply choose the operation you want from the right-click menu, and then drag the files from Windows Explorer into the main FileDragon window. (You can also drag a list of filenames, separated by line breaks, directly into the file window.)

The supported operations are as follows:

FileDragon - main window

FileDragon is totally free for personal and commercial use - you can download it below. Try it out, we're sure you'll love how easy it makes these file operations, especially when working with large numbers of files. And if there's any other features you'd like to see in FileDragon, please let us know.



The current version of FileDragon is version 1.0 Beta. You can download FileDragon by clicking the download button:   Download

Please be aware that this is a beta version, and therefore no installer is provided - you can simply run the executable FileDragon.exe directly from the Zip file.

Note that FileDragon requires Microsoft's .NET framework version 2.0. (We have not detected .NET 2.0 as installed on this computer.) If required, the .NET framework 2.0 installer can be downloaded from here:

FileDragon runs on any version of Windows where the .NET framework version 2.0 can be installed, including:

Windows 7 compatible