OnTheSync - what it does

OnTheSync is a folder synchronisation utility. It's designed to compare the contents of two folders, and copy the latest versions (of files) between them as required.

OnTheSync - comparing folders... OnTheSync - copying files... OnTheSync - finished!

Just say you've got 2 copies of all your important files - one on your main computer at home, and the other on your laptop, USB stick or portable hard drive. While you're at the office (or at uni, or anywhere else), you might make some changes - updating some of the files at the office, and perhaps saving some new files. And when you get home, you might change a few more files on your main computer, and add some new ones too. Rather than having to figure out which files have changed in each location (so you can copy them across to the other location), just run OnTheSync and let it do the work for you.

Originally written as a tool to synchronise multiple copies of users' MP3 collections (hence the music note icon), over the past 4 years OnTheSync has grown to be a lot more. It's become very popular with users all over the world, including:

OnTheSync is totally free for personal and commercial use - you can download it below. Try it out, we're sure you'll love how much it simplifies your backups and the fact that it saves you time as well. And if there's any other features you'd like to see in OnTheSync, please let us know.



OnTheSync has a range of advanced features designed to make it the perfect tool for a variety of purposes:

OnTheSync - settings OnTheSync - displaying file list

Don't forget to check out the handy hints and tips at the bottom of this page.


What it won't do

It's a great program overall, but there's a few things that OnTheSync doesn't do. We thought we'd better bring these to your attention so you know exactly how the program will behave when you run it:



OnTheSync box

The current version of OnTheSync is version 1.6.

You can download it by clicking the download button:   Download

(The download is supplied as a Windows installer inside a Zip file - so you need to download the Zip file, open it, and then double-click the Windows installer MSI file to install the program.)

Note that OnTheSync requires Microsoft's .NET framework version 2.0. (We have not detected .NET 2.0 as installed on this computer.) If required, the .NET framework 2.0 installer can be downloaded from here:

OnTheSync runs on any version of Windows where the .NET framework version 2.0 can be installed, including:

Windows 7 compatible


Handy hints and tips

Use OnTheSync to generate an MP3 playlist of all your new music

If you want to create a list of all your newest music files, simply do the following:

How to delete redundant files from your backup easily

Over time, the backup copy of your data may end up with a range of redundant files - maybe they were moved, renamed or deleted. To remove these easily, simply run OnTheSync in the reverse direction: