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Whilst sourcing various software products for our customers, we've come across a few products that really impressed us. We decided that we'd like to be able to offer products of this quality to all of our customers at a discount, so we contacted the vendors and worked something out.

Avira SendBlaster GroupMail

If you'd like to buy any of these great software products below the standard retail price, just contact us and we'll arrange it for you.


Anti-virus and security solutions

Avira is a worldwide leading supplier of self-developed security solutions for professional and private use. With more than 20 years of experience, the company is one of the pioneers in this field.

As a leading German security specialist, Avira has sound experience in the development and support of its solutions. In addition to programs specifically for use on single workstations, Avira primarily offers professional solutions for cross-system protection of networks on various levels. These include products for workstations, file, mail and web servers. The company has several locations in Germany and partnerships in Europe, Asia and America.

Avira's AntiVir security software is very highly rated by a number of leading security authorities, and regularly outperforms other well-known brands in its virus detection and removal abilities. At a fraction of the price of other less effective anti-virus products, Avira's products represent both outstanding security and excellent value for money. That's why it's trusted by over 100 million users worldwide.

We offer a range of Avira products at discounted prices. To find out more, click here.


Email marketing tools

Internet marketing is a complex business. It may begin with being found on search engines, but this by itself is not enough. Sales are a matter of trust. Turning website visitors into customers happens when you connect with people that like your website content; if you get them wanting more, they'll subscribe to your mailing list. Once you've got interested subscribers on board, the key for a winning (and cheap) email marketing strategy is to use direct bulk emailer software to send personalised emails to subscribed users in your mailing list.

We recommend using email marketing primarily to build relationships with your (existing and potential) customers, but of course you can (and should) use it to promote your products and/or services directly from time to time. Like all types of marketing, it's a numbers game - some will be interested, and some will buy. Here's a typical breakdown of what happens when you send a sales email to 1000 customers:

Email marketing pyramid

Many of us already use email to let potential clients know of upcoming offers, new products and industry news. However, using specialised mail-out software can provide you with a variety of benefits over using a standard email program such as Outlook. These benefits include:

The two industry leaders in this type of software are:

They are both quite similar, but SendBlaster is easier to use and somewhat cheaper, whereas GroupMail provides a variety of additional features that would be suitable for more technical users. These features include:

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