SendBlaster - what it does

Windows 7 compatible

SendBlaster is designed to send numerous email messages to several distribution lists in a rapid and automated manner. The sophisticated data engine, and the ability to send personalised messages, allows you to create automated newsletters and advertising campaigns - all through software that runs on your desktop.

It's possible to send several messages simultaneously, even without an SMTP server, making sending messages safer and easier than through a standard email client. Each message is sent separately, so the recipients' privacy is protected. Using SendBlaster to manage multiple sends is also useful to prevent accidentally revealing other people's email address.

The messages can be composed directly in the software, with a complete set of formatting tools, or imported from external files (HTML pages, previously saved .EML messages – for instance from Outlook). The editing and importing functions allow you to insert images directly into the email message body, therefore avoiding linking to external files. (The latest email clients don't allow this or they will generate a security warning.)

SendBlaster is fully compatible with Windows 7.

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Simple integration with your own web site

Inserting mailing list management functionality into your web site is extremely easy with the subscription/unsubscription management functions and the abiltity to import data from a web source. SendBlaster takes care of updating lists and mailing the right messages to the right recipients. SendBlaster also provides free CAN-SPAM law compliant opt-in and double opt-in PHP scripts.


Composing messages is achieved through a simple yet powerful visual HTML editor with code access, CHARSET definition and the ability to insert completely customisable field tags. The message CHARSET can be set to send messages with an uncompatible character system (e.g. Russian, Japanese). The email messages are also created in plain text format in case the recipient has disabled HTML message viewing.

100 free email templates

A rich set of 100 ready to use templates makes it easy and fast to create professional looking emails. All of the templates can be easily customised.

Import email templates from HTML/EML files

Email messages can also be imported from external files - HTML pages or previously saved EML files (for instance, from Outlook). The import functionality also embeds images into the message body, avoiding any external file linking. This helps your message to avoid be classified as spam, and ensures it will display correctly when opened.

Personalised email for each subscriber (email merge)

Send personalised messages ("Dear Mr. John Smith", instead of an anonymous "Dear customer"):

e.g. Dear #name# becomes Dear Paul

By using the email merge and email personalisation features, each email you send is different. You can even set "demo data" fields before you preview your message, to see how the message will appear with data included.

Integration with Google Analytics

Check your mailing campaign's effectiveness using Google's powerful range of free Analytics tools.

Spam score check

SendBlaster integrates a spam score checking tool. It incorporates all the SpamAssassin rules that you need to comply with, in order to ensure that your mesage will go straight to your customers' inboxes.

Unlimited number of lists/groups with unlimited recipients

SendBlaster can manage as many distribution lists as you need.

Import email addresses from Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook and Thunderbird

Import all your customers' details directly from common email programs such as Outlook™ and Thunderbird. Or you can save your Microsoft Excel™, Access™ or Outlook™ contact list in CSV file format, and then import these customer details into SendBlaster.

Fast message delivery

SendBlaster works with professional SMTP services and features multiple simultaneous email message sending. It supports up to 50 connections, which can dramatically improve the speed of mailings when using a fast SMTP server. Furthermore, SendBlaster gives users the option to not interrupt a mailing should the Internet connection temporarily stop working, which can help with unattended mailings.

Great user interface

Users can choose between the classic left panel interface (which allows 2 different icon sizes) or the toolbar which is designed to save horizontal space on the screen. All panels are scrollable with the mouse wheel. List selection can be synchronized across all the panels, and the lists are ordered alphabetically. SendBlaster also provides a system tray option.

Embedded media in HTML

Generate newsletters with attachments and embedded images. Many newer email programs don't allow displaying of remote images, so SendBlaster embeds all images into in the email message body - avoiding all email message reading related problems.

Email message with both HTML and text

The email messages are also created in plain text format in case the recipient has disabled HTML message viewing. (The hybrid HTML/plain text email is the best option for email marketing campaigns).

Add file attachments to mailings

Each mailing email message can contain file attachments (ZIP, DOC, PDF etc). You choose the attachment file size according to your SMTP server performances.

Subscribe/unsubscribe by email or web form

SendBlaster can automatically manage subscriptions (and unsubscriptions) to build permission based bulk email distribution lists. Each list can be associated with an email address. When a email message with "Subscribe" in the subject line is sent to this e-mail address, the sender is added to the list. If the subject is "Unsubscribe" instead, the sender gets deleted (if he/she was previously subscribed). SendBlaster newsletter software downloads new email messages from the POP3 account, verifies the subject and updates the related distribution list.


A blacklist is a filter that prevents certain email addresses or domains from receiving mails, independently from their subscription/activation state. SendBlaster supports two different blacklists:

Check duplicated emails

SendBlaster has an automatic duplicate prevention filter when sending.

Scheduled mailing

Schedule your mailing so that it will be automatically sent at a given day and time.

Complete previous mailings

SendBlaster stores details of which which recipients have already been sent the message, just in case the sending is interrupted (due to internet connection problems, computer crash, sending paused by the user, etc). This makes it possible to resume the interrupted mailing by only sending the message to those emails to which the message has not already been sent.

SMTP and POP3 profiles

You may set different SMTP and POP3 configurations. Account info can be saved in multiple profiles, so that all SMTP and/or POP3 settings can be easily changed with just a couple of clicks.

SMTP-free delivery

Through the direct send mode, you won't need to modify any parameters to connect to the provider's SMTP service. You can use the email broadcaster software to send your email with only one click.

Bounced mail processing

Bounce-backs are automatically recognised, and originating addresses can be either disabled or deleted from the lists.

SET CHARSET (to send mails in other languages)

The message CHARSET can be set to send messages with an uncompatible character system (Russian, Japanese). This feature allows you to send your newsletters in different world languages.

Import/export mailing list email data

Management of distribution lists is highly optimised - with a few clicks you'll be able to create new lists, modify existing ones and import addresses from external sources. It's possible to import data from:

SendBlaster also allows you to export distribution list data in CSV format.

Customised unsubscribe links

When composing messages, you can automatically create a customised unsubscribe link. (This link is required by the CAN-SPAM Act.)

Customised field names

SendBlaster allows you to customise field names for the 15 available fields for each address.

Advanced data filter

Management of distribution lists is quick and easy - you can sort the lists with a simple drag-and-drop for each field (or even for multiple fields), and email addresses can be enabled or disabled with a single click. This enables advanced filtering, which means you can send email messages to a very specific subgroup of email addresses in a specific list. (For instance, you could send a message to just the people living in a certain area, or just the contacts that run a specific type of business.)

Integration with TrackReports

Use this free service to browse data about the opening and click rates for your mailings, and to view information about each single user's actions.

Keep your customer data private and secure

Access to SendBlaster mailing list software can be password-protected.

A range of advanced settings

Users can add custom headers, request read receipts, set the priority for their message, define a customized To: header supporting merge tags, and enable/disable automatic filtering out of duplicate addresses.

Settings snapshots

You can save different settings configurations to use for different mailings, including the SMTP settings and sender's email address. This an be very usfeul if you send mailings on behalf of multiple businesses (or on behalf of your customers).

Downloadable plug-ins

SendBlaster supports the use of third-party plug-ins, which can be downloaded directly from the product website.

Easy backup

SendBlaster's data files are stored within the user's standard Documents folder, allowing them to be accessed and backed up easily by external backup software.


More info

To find out more about SendBlaster, either contact us or check out the product website here.



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You can download a copy of the Free Edition of SendBlaster here. Note that the Free Edition does have some limitations compared to the Pro (full) version:


How to buy

SendBlaster will be available in our online store soon. In the meantime, you can contact us directly to arrange a purchase of a SendBlaster license at a great price, or buy it directly from the product website.